Red Hat

–– In 2019, I completed a Summer internship with Red Hat working as a graphic design intern on the Brand + Creative team. Specifically, I worked with a cross-functional team focusing on corporate campaigns. In this position, I worked with various groups across Red Hat including, The Open Organization, The Open Studio, and Open Source Stories. 

Since then, my internship has been extended until May 2020. During my Fall and Spring internship, I have been working on the events, customers, and expereince team within the Brand + Creative larger team. Some of my responsibilites include working on Summit, Red Hat’s premier open source technology event, and developing how Red Hat appears at various conferences and events around the globe.  

︎The Open Organization, September 2019 

The Guide for Educators edition of The Open Organization was designed in collaboration with Ryan Williams and Eric Kramer. Through various ideating and prototyping session, we developed the concept of using wood buidling blocks as a metaphor for the changing framework of educational systems. The blocks also serve as visual reference to the classroom in a tastefull way, unlike the antiquated apple or chalkboard.

 Alongside the book cover, we also developed various graphics for social media and other promotional oppurtunities. 

Check out the Open Organization Blog here:

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Sample social and promotional collateral︎

︎Open Source Stories, Farming for the Future, July-August 2019 

During the beginning of my internship, I helped develop the film poster for the Open Source Stories team feature film, Farming For The Future. This film focuses on various communities that utilize open source technology and code to make farming smarter, more efficient, and open.

The film poster, seen below, reflects this intersection of nature and technology. The illustration is hand drawn using and iPad and Apple Pen.  I also designed pop up banners that appeared at various film festivals to promote the film

Mark Full illustration: