I Am A Man

My GD 202 professor, Derek Ham, designed and developed an award wining VR experience on the Sanitation Workers Strike and Dr. King Jr.'s assassination in 1968. The experience was selected to be shown at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee as a permanent exhibition installation. We were tasked to design the physical space around the VR experience. While working in teams of four, our studio was in competition with one another to be selected by the Museum as the wining design that would be installed in 2019. My team was one of the two winning teams selected to collaborate on the final exhibition. My team was also selected to help design a pop-up exhibition for the East Coast Games Conference held in Downtown Raleigh in April of 2018.

My team began our process with heavy research on the Civil Rights Era, the Sanitation Workers Strike, and the personal experiences of those involved. We had to familiarize ourselves with the existing visual identity and stylistic choices that were already present in other installations in the Museum so that our design would be cohesive within the space. Then we began ideating and prototyping different design solutions. Throughout this process we had multiple critiques with our professors, local museum installation designers and with the directors of the National Civil Rights Museum. For our final design, we focused on large scale typography and imagery to reflect the importance and impact the Sanitation Workers Strike had on society. We also decided to have two Oculus Rift VR bays in the back corner, sectioned off by a large glass plane with a photograph that would make the VR user appear to be part of the photo.

–– 3-D and Physical Model

––User Journey Map

–– Process Booklet

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–– Ideation and Research Process

–– East Coast Games Conference and Ancillary Pop-up Events

–– Process Booklet for East Coast Games Conference and Ancillary Events 

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