–– a journal for the visually and sonically curious


//Fall 2018 // 3 weeks // Publication & System Design

Elbow is a seasonal publication that covers the intersectionality of design. In this hypothetical  issue of Elbow, it covers the intersection of Design and Music and takes a deep dive into how these two industries shape each other. This project hits very close to home as my father and brother are musicians and I am the designer of the family, my goal was to show people how these seemingly different fields--the auditory and visual-- were actually very similar and influence each other heavily

This publications utilizes a 6 column grid and implements 5 different levels of hierarchy. Throughout conceptualizing and creating Elbow, I went through various grid and size iterations inorder to find the perfect balance. I believe that I found balance within the design of this publication after defining rules on how the type should interact with each other and with page. All of the photos used in Elbow, were taken by myself. All of the titles and author text are placed on velum sheets that were added once I binded the book.

–– The Grid System

This publication utilizes a 6 column grid and is structured through five levels of hierarchy.
The size is slightly larger than the typical publication I have produced, at 10" x 10".

–– Ideating Process

–– Type & Color

To add authenticity, I hand painted and digitized multiple typefaces. These letterforms were used as graphical elements preceding every section break and were color coded to match each article featured in the magazine.