DIX Park

In this design charette project, we explored Dorothea Dix Park located in the heart of downtown Raleigh and identified existing problems, user behavior, and the use of space. In this collaborative group project, my group conceptualized what Dorothea Dix Park could become and how we could cater to more users in meaningful ways to change the way Raleigh natives think about the park. This project is our theoretical masterplan for the future of the park.  

In this 2 week intensive charette, we noticed that the park had a feeling of abandonment and isolation. Our design solution seeks to transcends this issue. Now, DIX PARK offers events and activities for all kind of park visitors and our new branding emulates this energy and inclusion. We focused on the notion of connectedness and developed two pedestrian bridges that seek to connect different regions of Raleigh to the park.

–– Explantory Video and Poster


–– Print Ads

–– Apparel and Swag

–– Logo Ideation and Process